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Sad-faced blogger…

15 Jun

Seriously, you guys. It’s been two months. Go follow the blog at the new site. For reals. There will be no new awesomeness here. But there’s plenty of awesomeness there. Really, I promise. http://geekinacardigan.com/ Go now. Shoo.


Holy big news!

19 Apr

Ok, not really big news. Not in a bigger-picture scheme of things. I did get my own website, though. And you guys should go there because that’s where I am now. And you like me, right?


I’m at geekinacardigan.com. So clickityclick on over there. Thanks! Enjoy! Exclamation points!

PS – Sorry if you have to refollow me. We couldn’t figure out how to make that work. Also, none of the comments got to move. But there are plenty more comments where those came from, I suppose.