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Impetus: A Brief Introduction

13 Jan

So, here’s what happened: I was standing in line at the mall in Eureka when I noticed that the guy in front of me was carrying a Patrick Rothfuss book. I was doing that awkward turning-my-head-upside-down thing to see which book it was when of course I was spotted at my most vertiginous moment. Always happens that way. So I said “Sorry, didn’t mean to be nosy, I just wanted to see which Rothfuss you were reading.” To which dude goes “Really? No one I’ve talked to has ever heard of this guy.” And we bantered about his awesomeness (Rothfuss’s, not Random Guy’s) for a minute, holding up the line (sorry, retail minion) and he went on his merry way, no longer adrift in a sea of lone fandom. I got up to the counter and as I paid for my Star Trek season one DVDs I realized: I’m that girl. The weird girl in the glasses who comments on Random Guy’s fantasy reading habits while buying sci fi tv show DVDs? That’s me! How did this happen? And when? How did I not notice? Why didn’t anyone tell me? (Upon actually asking this question later the unanimous answer was “We thought you knew.”)

I used to be cool, damn it. I used to read Kerouac and smoke weed and listen to Led Zeppelin.

Alright, that’s not entirely true. I used to read Kerouac and smoke weed and listen to Led Zeppelin in a comic book store while participating in simultaneous Magic: The Gathering and Tetris tournaments with a bunch of asthmatic dudes in glasses and Weezer t-shirts (the irony there should really speak for itself).

Fine. Fine.

And I began to stew. That was a few months ago. I’ve been steadily stewing. I’m an expert stewer. I thought about my nerdism, which is noticeable but not monumental. For some reason this bothers me. I only get half the jokes, you know? I know a lot about a few things (Stargate, X-files, Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, the physics of why light sabers wouldn’t work in real life). But there’s so much more out there. Real canonical shit that I should know about. To be well-rounded, I guess. I should also probably explain at this point that I’ve lived the last ten years or so with no television or internet, so having a universe of information and entertainment at my fingertips is a new and somewhat daunting sensation. But, armed with this fancy-pants interweb technology, I decided to give myself a nerdy education, to immerse myself completely in everything I could get my hands on. And write about it. (Because what I really need is one more excuse not to finish my novel.) So yeah, Adventures in Nerdism. I’m like freaking Don Quixote in Chuck Taylors, for real.